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A Norwegian man and his Philippine wife:

This website is all about travel, life and love sprinkled in with some educational stuff.

We have a dating community specialized for Philippine girls and foreign men to meet. The world is small, the love is huge - don´t be scared to find love outside of your countries border.

We are not limited to being just a dating website. Anyone who is about to travel to the Philippines should have a look at our website. We have forum, reviews, articles and more.

The founder of this website strongly believes that the world we live in as of now is strongly outdated and that it is about high time we make some drastic changes to how we separate ourself based on countries and race.

In the 21. century, we should no longer be parted by borders, no longer have rich people enjoying all the benefits mother earth can provide while the poor suffer through life.
Also, as people of the earth, who cares what color our skin is? White, black, blue, red, whatever - we are all one and must stand together and not fight each other.

The borders are like linear TV - living on borrowed time.

If we had one world, no borders, a fair system to feed everyone and all people speak one mutual language, it would be a great step in the right direction.
Instead, we still have racism, we still have poverty, we still cannot communicate properly due to language barriers. It needs to change and it needs to happen now.

We need to stand together and fight for our future generations today, not tomorrow. There are so many dangers in our world. We need to live a greener, cleaner and smarter life.

For this reason, this website is named We want the earth of tomorrow to happen today. We cannot wait any longer.

At some point it will be too late.