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We review One Oasis in Mabolo, Cebu City
We review review One Oasis in Mabolo Cebu City

Today we review One Oasis condo living in Mabolo, Cebu.

Type "One Oasis Mabolo Cebu" into Google maps to find this place.

One Oasis resort-style condos have a similar project close to SM seaside, a short drive outside of the City itself, but for now, we focus on the one in Mabolo.

The price range varies for renting here as it is privately owned apartments in various sizes, amenities, and furniture.

The internet is terrible in this place. Make sure the owner has installed decent internet. Globe at home and similar is not going to work properly.

You cannot see from the video below that there are a few more buildings under construction, and as said in the video, we would go for units in building 3, 4, or 5. The new units seem to be made in a quiet place and may be the better option for those who value quiet times.

The units themselves are OK. I prefer a bit more soundproofing, some higher quality balcony door and windows. Other than that, the water pressure and toilet work just fine. The finish of the apartments seems a bit cheap, but the units are just fine.

Kids are playing, and people are enjoying their day. There are a small playground for kids, a basketball court and a great swimming pool with a lovely clubhouse. It can get a bit loud with different people watching videos and listening to music. There is no alcohol allowed at the pool, as it should be in a family-oriented resort like this. Other condo complexes will suit you better if you need to have a beer at the pool.

The gym is not big, but it has everything you need, as shown in the video.

I am a person who prefers quiet and peaceful surroundings. It is primarily quiet enough here, even for my mindset, and as I am now a family man, this place perfectly balances peace and social life.

Jessa and I would probably not buy a condo here, as condo living is not our thing. For a month or two as a rental unit, though, it is perfect.

Enjoy the video

We review One Oasis in Mabolo Cebu City. Video

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Aksel Dahl
19 September 2021

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