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We review Ekits Food Haus located in Mabolo, Cebu City
We review Ekits Food Haus located in Mabolo Cebu City

Today we review Ekit Food Haus in Mabolo, Cebu City.

Type "Ekit Food Haus Cebu" into Google maps to find this place.

They open for lunch and keep open until they run out of food, as I understand it. They also have street food and a hot cake station outside. In the evening, they have an outside street barbeque.

The price is above average for Philippine eateries, but it is still worth a visit because of their Pochero. I can promise you that this Pochero is excellent and worth the visit.

The rest of their food is average in quality and can be had cheaper and sometimes better at other locations, but what you will be here for is the Pochero.

If you go here to eat, you get a genuine Philippine food experience, and if you order the Pochero, you will be delighted.

Of all the food I have eaten there, I have been disappointed three times. The octopus was overcooked, so it was too chewy to eat. One papaya salad went wrong in the making, and lastly, the cop suey I had that you can see in this video. All other meals have been good.
Their hot cake station is excellent. Where I am from, we call them pancakes. They are served with butter and sugar. 10 PHP each.

Their barbecue is on par with most other places regarding taste. A bit higher price than most other barbecue places, but not by much.

The Pochero is why you come here.

The staff is hard working and attentive despite always being full of guests. Very impressive.

To sum it up, the hotcakes and the Pochero are awesome. The rest is a bit overpriced and can be had as good or better for a lower price in other places.

If you are a tourist in Cebu City, this should be on your to-do list, and of course, the Pochero is why you come here.

Enjoy the video
We review Ekits Food Haus located in Mabolo Cebu City. Video

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