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The reviews found here is unfiltered. We do not retouch photos to make things look more attractive. What you see in our photos and videos is what we see. We roll the dice where 6 is best and 1 is the worst. Keep in mind, this is our personal opinion. You may feel different.

Oslob church and temple

oslob temple

A visit to Oslob church and temple.

Oslob town

Oslob town

What happens in Oslob.

Seaview terraces, Oslob

seaview terrace

Review of Seaview terrace, Oslob

La Gloria hotel, Cebu city.


A review of La Gloria 3 star hotel in Cebu city.

Lagunde beach resort Oslob


Review of Lagunde beach resort Oslob.

Whaleshark snorkeling in Oslob

whaleshark snorkeling

Snorkeling with walesharks in Oslob, Cebu.

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