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We run contests where members living in the Philippines can win cash prices and gifts.

Our contests will be announced via our private messaging system.



Winner must have correct location in the profile where you are to state country and city. If it only says Philippines and do not mention your city/town we will draw again. We prefer if you state country and city or town, but you must have at least your city or town to participate.

The name we transfer your winnings to must match the real name you signed up here with. If you have no ID, you can use a family member with the same last name as you have.

We will send a PM to your inbox and you must answer with your full name, address and phone number. Tell us if you want us to send money with GCash or Palawan.

If the prize is not claimed within 5 days from the notification is sendt to his/her PM, the winner has lost out on his/her prize.


All Philippine citizens who sign up in August compete to win a sign up bonus of 1000 PHP. One lucky winner to be drawn in the beginning of September.


Ongoing contest

Forum post contest. All info in system message received. Winner of 250 PHP announced 25.June.2022. Winner announced.


 Winner is JG65. A PM has been sent.
Member challenge. All info in PM received by all members. Winner of 350 PHP announced 22.June.2022


No winner. Nobody reffered any foreigners so nobody to claim the prize.
One new girl who register between the fb reels we put up and 8 pm 22.June.2022 will receive a small gift that Aksel will buy at 138 mall just for you. Winner is cutifyjean. She won a small gift bought by Aksel in 138 mall when we go to Cebu City now. Congratulations. PM has been sent.
Member challenge. All info sent in PM. Winner receive 500 PHP. Contest last until 30.June 18:00. Winner to be anounced shortly after. Only two members had 1 person each signing up. One from a country not accepted from the contest. NO WINNER.
Member challenge. All info sendt to your PM. Winner receive 1000 PHP. Contest last until midnight Friday 15.July.2022. Winner to be anounced the following day.  Winner of member challenge worth 1000 PHP: Josephine
Affiliate challenge for July. The member who has most valid conversions in our affiliate program receive 1000 PHP in addition to the money earned by conversions. Contest last until midnight 31.July.2022. Affiliate contest has no winner. One member only had a conversion but tat member deleted his profile and is per the rules an invalid conversion.
Live contest on our YouTube channel tonight, 29.July.2022 at 8 PM.  Winners from our live contest 29.July.2022: theresapasiculan    janecruzado  janecruzado was on fire that night and won 4 out of the 5 prizes. It was amazing. You can see the live contest replay here
Our first in-video contest. Full information in PM. 3 lucky winners. The contest finishes 10.Aug.2022 at 2 PM. Winner is Kimsharmane. Since she was the only contestant, only one prize given away. She been told she can choose any of the three prizes in the video.
Affiliate promotion contest. The first 3 persons to get 20 valid and paid subscribers through their affiliate link will win 2000 PHP each in addition to regular salary of 1200 PHP for 20 valid sign-ups. Contest is valid until midnight 31.August.2022.
Ongoing contest. Updates will be done as each person reaches 20 persons subscribed.



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