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Philippine dating. Already found a Pinay girl?

Have you already found a Pinay girl to date? Philippine girls are great if you find the right one. Philippine dating can be a bit hard online because of so many girls out there are just after some fast money.

Rule number one; Make sure your girl is for real before sending any money. We can help you with that also.

Let us say you already know she is the girl for you and you are sure she is for real and not just after some fast cash. You are getting really serious about her but then you find out how hard it is to go through all that paper work and start having second thoughts about it all. Fear not, we can help you make sure the girl really is the one for you and we can help you with all the papers and everything else needed to get your Philippine girl.

After you are sure this is the right girl, contact us and we will give you an overview about what everything will cost, included our services. You need to either have time to come to the Philippines for about one full month or you can do two separate short trips. We recommend a whole month so you can live with your chosen Philippine girl and date her in real life for a while and let us take care of all the papers. You only need to show up a few times for a couple of the papers, the rest we take care off while you and your Pinay girl enjoy your time together.

When you write us, give us information about the girls age, where she is from, where you are from and if you want to live in the Philippines together or if you want to bring her to your country. We also need to know if you want a big church wedding or just a simple, civil ceremony in the barangay she is from. You send us a message to our "contact us" form that you can find on our main menu.

Philippine dating. Already found a Pinay girl

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