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Whenever we live in Cebu City this is the place where you can read about our daily life here.

Our baby boy Liam finally comes home

our baby boy liam finally comes home

After a week in hospital due to a hard start in life, our baby boy Liam is finally home.

Our boy get a very hard start of life

our boy get a very hard start of life

Our baby boy Liam is born. Unfortunately he has a very hard start of his life journey.

Where no tourists travels. Jessas sister Denicels place close to Jmall

where no tourists travels denicels place near jmall

We bring you into the back alleys about fifteen minutes walk from Jmall. This is where Jessas sister Denicel live with her family. Come and join us.

Fever, flu and we reveal the name of our baby boy

flu fever and baby name reveal

Aksel has been a little bit under the weather for a while and also we reveal the name of our baby boy.

Backstreets of Colon

Backstreets of Colon

Taking a shortcut to get to Colon street. Follow us in and check out the real Cebu City.

Covid haircut - Jessa the hairdresser

covid haircut jessa the hairdresser

Aksel needs a little haircut. Jessa happily reports to service.

What is in our fridge

What is in our fridge

We got some people telling us to shop more healthy last time we showed a video from SM supermarket. Here is an actual week of what we eat.

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