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Pay it forward

Pay it forward; what do we mean about that? Why do we have this as our life mantra and as our website slogan?

To get to the answer of those questions we have to take a little time travel in our lives. You see, when I grew up and when Jessa was young, life was hard. It was different reasons for this, but to sum it up it was hard for both of us..

For me it was because of experiences with a couple of adult persons who made my life really hard to manage. Those experiences in the very beginning of my life journey have been a challenge I have never been able to overcome as an adult and therefor has impacted my future life in a very bad direction.

Jessa grew up in poor conditions in the mountain of Ginatilan, Cebu. Her life as a child was incredibly hard, but thanks to loving parents and a good family around her, she could handle the cards she was dealt in life.

The one thing we have in common. Even if the reason was different for a hard start to life is that if we at any point of our growth from a child into an adult person would have met someone who cared about our situation and at the same time could have, and actually would have helped our lives into a more positive direction, both of us would have avoided a lot of grief.

Me and Jessa never experienced that, but we do want others to experience the difference one random act of kindness can do to a person`s life.

If you get one random act of kindness from a stranger who want nothing in return, give it forward to the next person you meet. Ask of that person to pay it forward later in life, instead of paying you back. Keep the chain going forward.

In year 2000 it was made a video about the concept, simply called: Pay it forward.

I have never been a believer in handouts. I believe in helping people to help themselves. If you just give money they are usually very soon back to point blank. Also, everyone cannot be helped. Some people just do not understand when a good thing happened to them.

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