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We review Malapasqua Island
We review Malapasqua Island

Today we review Malapasqua Island outside of Daanbantayan in Cebu.

Type "Malapasqua Island" into google maps to find this place.

To get there, you travel to the new port of Maya and take one of the small wooden boats to Malapasqua.

The price for the boat is 250 PHP for each person. They might try to have you pay 350 PHP to get on a boat with fewer people, but there is no need to spend that extra amount. In addition, you pay an environmental fee. For foreigners, that fee was around 125 PHP, and for locals, it was just a small amount or no fee (I do not remember)

The Island is known for being the best place in the world to swim with thresher sharks, and most activities here are for those who come here for diving. If you, like Jessa and I, come here for some relaxing days in a small Island atmosphere, you would be best off staying in the port town or the north beach.

Some people will try to get you on a day trip to an outer Island with a small sandbar. They charge foreigners a 500 PHP environmental fee and want 500 PHP more to enter the Island. All I can say about that offer is that it is entirely out of the average price range for similar trips elsewhere, for example, Sumilon Island or Virgin Island. In addition to the 1500 PHP per person for the boat ride, it ultimately gets out of hand. We were going to do it, but with those prices, it just ends up being a tourist trap that I want to warn you about. You are better off relaxing in the port town or north beach, enjoying the scenery, good food, and a glass of wine.

If you are not here for diving, the goal should be to recharge and relax.

I will say this, though. While Malapasqua has a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, you should consider going to Bantayan Island instead unless you are here for the thresher sharks. An even better option would be to visit both Islands. I would recommend three days in Malapasqua and one whole week in Bantayan. You do that, and you will return like a new, fully rested person.

On our visit to Malapasqua Island, we relaxed, had walks, explored the neighborhoods, and enjoyed some decent food and the north beach.

Enjoy the video.
We review Malapasqua Island. Video

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11 March 2023

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