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Lapyahan Beach Resort

Lapyahan Beach Resort

Lapyahan beach resort on Siquijor, the mystery island outside of Cebu.

As most of you know we have been stranded for a long time in Siquijor due to the covid-19 situation. We went to Lapyahan because we got a good deal for week to week rental.

The place itself is quite nice. You wake up and go out straight on the beach. Some hammocks, chairs and tables make it a good place to stay. They also provide cooking opportunity and free water.

The staff was very friendly. They sell beer, cigarettes and soda on the premises at good prices.

No TV in the rooms like in most guest houses.

The rooms are quite small. Air-condition in our place were a bit noicy but nothing too bad. The beds are a little bit hard for those who suffer from a bad back.

We do not know the normal prices there. If it is 800 PHP or less a night it is a decent price. If it is more, there are better places for the money. I would suggest Isla De Paz if the two are pretty close in price when you check and you do not need to cook your own food.

With that said, provided you get a better deal then Isla De Paz give you, it is a very good choice for your days in Siquijor.

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