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Salagdoong beach

salagdoong beach

Salagdoong beach on Siquijor island.


We had read a lot about this place online before coming here. We understood it was a beautiful place with a terrible restaurant from what we could gather.

We found the place to be a bit run down. Other than some beautiful flowers and trees, it did not really look like much.

They have some places to do some diving, but other places offer real cliff diving.

The beach was not much really.

The dining place seems to have reasonable prices. The resort along the water with rental units must be where people complain about the food. They also had some pretty interesting prices for kayaking and for renting googles and toys for kids to play with in the water.

All the cemented sitting groups come with electric outlets, but also cost 200 PHP for the day.

Swimming pool empty and looks like it has been for some time.

Entrance fee for two adults and one motorbike is 80 PHP.

If you are here for a few days, skip this place. If you stay a week, you could plan for a half day rest here just to have been there.

We actually meant to go back to this place the next day to film some diving and test out the dining place, but covid happened and we could not go back. We do feel very sure that the complaints are from the resort along the ocean.

The dice ends up on a weak:


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