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Lugnason fall and spring

lugnason fall and spring

Visiting Lungason fall and spring in Siquijor, the mystery island.


This place has no water except from during the raining season. When we were there it was all dry.

Further down there is a spring. At least they call it a spring. In reality it is a concrete bath.

We paid 20 PHP for parking the motorbike and we paid 100 PHP for the guide. No need for a guide as it is pretty easy to walk there by yourself.

We have seen photos of the waterfall when it has water there and it looks pretty ok, but nothing amazing. Nothing like the waterfalls we have in Ginatilan, Cebu.

Dice on a weak:


If it was water there, it would probably end up on a weak 3. There are just so many other amazing waterfalls in the Philippines and we see no point of visiting this one.

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