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Chas Paraiso Verde De Lazi

Chas Paraiso Verde De Lazi

Chas Paraiso Verde De Lazi. Camping in siquijor Island.

This place is not so much a camping resort. Just a few tents on the land of the owner.

After being in Siquijor for a long time now due to covid situation, I am pretty sure this place will not be available when everything opens up again. If it is still there, we cannot recommend to go there.

It is just so much better to stay in San Juan when you are on this island. The owner is a nice man, the place has good view and it has a hidden beach area you get to enjoy all by yourself. Then again, too hot in the tent early in the morning and it is so far from everything else.

Some people might find it worth a stay but for us, we will not be back.

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