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White food court, San Juan

White food court san juan

White food court, San Juan, Siquijor - The Mystery Island.


They serve anything from local food to pizza. Their prices are reasonable and the food is good. For example, their pizza is in most people`s opinion better than the much more expensive ones you can have at some of the other places here.

Me and Jessa really did not know if we should laugh or cry of some of the prices we have seen here. In the end, we ended up laughing until we cried. That was when we saw a place selling a glass of fresh juice for 140 PHP. That very same place charge up towards 400 PHP for a pizza and it has less taste than a 150 PHP pizza.

It is not a problem to sell expensive food and drinks if they are special and high end. The expensive places here seem to sell worse food for more money.

Back to white food court. It is owned and operated by a local family. The service is a bit slow, but just sit down, relax, have a beer. After all, you are on this island to relax.

We had a variety of food there. Never outstanding, but always good. As a bonus, it is a 1 minute walk from our favorite place to stay, Isla De Paz.

The quality of food compared to the price gives this location:


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