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Get Wrecked, San Juan, Siquijor.

get wrecked san juan siquijor

Get wrecked in San Juan, Siquijor.


Get wrecked bar and eatery in San Juan is located close to the beach. I think it is a sportsbar.

From this place you can enjoy simple pub style food with a cold beer and a relaxing view of the sunset.

A small bottle of San Miguel Pilsen was 65 or 70 PHP when we were there if I remember correctly. That is an ok price for a place like this.

They have billiard, several big screen tv`s with sport and an relaxing atmosphere.

The food is never great, never bad and definitely inconsistent in portions of their burgers.

Some days we got a huge burger, sometimes a smaller one. Sometime gigantic burger bread, other times more normal sizes.

They even have different variations of pai with meat.

The food always tastes decent. Great selection of snack food to go with your beer. Their sweet and sour is good.

You have to try the fried fish. I think the price was just below 200 PHP. Big filet of fish with lots of vegetables. Really a good dish.

Nothing fancy about the place, and never try to be something it is not. What you see is what you get, except sometimes the food will be better than you would normally get in similar places.

If they would have done a few upgrades to the place it would be a top score all considered, but still:


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