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Tawhai, San Juan, Siquijor.

tawhai san juan siquijor

Tawhai. A bit more high end.


We went to go and eat at Tawhai in San Juan, Siquijor. It is a bit higher end than we usually go for, knowing how the quality of restaurants like this usually is in tourist areas.

The thing is, in the Philippines you can have very good food for a low budget. The only reason to go and spend 350 PHP and up for each plate plus overpriced soft drinks and beer would be to have that special dinner you once in a while want with good friends or your loved one. We often spend 1000 PHP and more for meals like that once in a while.

Here is the problem when we tried to do this in San Juan: It was never worth the money. The cheaper places have always served better food than the more expensive ones with one honest exception: Luca Loko.

Jessa had BBQ fish, but it was just too sweet.

I saw a burger on the menu. I think it was 360 PHP and I immediately thought this is going to be special since burgers here cost from just over 100 PHP up to 150 PHP for really good ones. I went for the burger even if I was originally going to have fish that day.

The burger arrives, I take a bite and immediately a huge disappointment. I ordered a burger, not a dessert. It was so sweet it was actually pretty much not eatable.

I do hear they have some good fish dishes, but after that experience we will not be back to try it. Maybe we try check how the food is there after a year or two when we come back for updated info about Siquijor, but for now, it is a no go.

For us it is another foreigner owned restaurant with elegant and nice interior and where the food is not up to the standards of locally run restaurants Places like White Food Court with much lower prices and better food is just the better choice.

Remember, they have been praised for some of their fish dishes. I think it is family style meals we heard good things about. Unfortunately, we have to throw the dice after our experience and not for what other people experienced.

Also, they were actually out of all sorts of beer. That sucked a bit because I really wanted a beer with my burger. However, since the burger tasted more like a dessert, the beer would have been misplaced anyway.

Slow service just to top it off. Almost empty restaurant and everything took forever.

From us it will be a:


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