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Sailboat adventure, new windows and Ginatilan town

Sailboat adventure new windows and Ginatilan town

We head down to Ginatilan town and while we are there we have a quick look about the balcony windows we are about to have installed.

In town we buy some fish from the local fish market and some vegetables before we head back home to the mountain.

Once we are back home, we share information about our next adventure for the first time. We are going sailing. Probably we go visit my mom back home in Norway for a few months while we find and rig up a small sailboat. We might also buy somewhere else, we will just wait and see.

If covid allows the start of this adventure will be next summer. The trip will go from Norway to the Canary Islands before we cross the Atlantic ocean and do some island hopping the Caribbean before we sail the boat back to Ginatilan town, Philippines.

Our next big adventure is settled. Now we wait.

Sailboat adventure new windows and Ginatilan town. Video

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