Correcting Thepilippinefacts channel with actual facts

Correcting Thepilippinefacts channel with actual factsCorrecting Thepilippinefacts channel with actual facts. Part 1Updated 11 June 2024 with new video

A few days ago, I discovered a new YouTube channel called Thephilippinefacts. The content is all about the Philippines, mostly about how bad it is there.

Here, I am correcting him.

I hope you enjoy the videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Published: 9 June 2024
By: Aksel Dahl
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Madz replied the topic:
10 Jun 2024 20:37
Madz's Avatar
I searched and watched of some of there videos
Theyre really harsh in how they talk about the Philippines and calling it the worst food in the world is too much.
I think theyre just trying to go viral too sir Aksel. Haha 
They need more attention, 
Phearl replied the topic:
11 Jun 2024 22:11
Phearl's Avatar
Aksel invite him and Do interview him
Else replied the topic:
12 Jun 2024 06:25
Else's Avatar
He is really mean to every Filipinos specially to pinay . Every country has its flaws. Maybe some of what they say is true, but theres a reason for everything that happens and why people do what they do. If they dont like it here in the Philippines then they shouldnt stay


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