Our contests

Our contests

We run contests where all members can win cash prizes.

You can receive your prize if you are a Philippine citizen or live in the Philippines and have access to GCash. If you are a foreigner, you can donate your prize to your favorite member.

All contests require you to be a member of this website to be able to answer, even if the contest is LIVE on Facebook or YouTube.

Spot contests:
The prize is 100 PHP. You must have accepted to receive push notifications to participate in most of these contests, but some will via PM too.

Be the first to answer correctly in the open chat room, and 100 PHP is yours.

Interactive contests:
They can be run at any time of my choosing and are worth up to 250 PHP each, as decided by the Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel goes from 100 PHP and up to 250 PHP with 10 PHP increasements.

The contests run either on Facebook Live or via YouTube Live.

All answers to my interactive contests can be found on my website. The first one to answer correctly will enter the Wheel of Fortune.

The answer must be sent to the open chat on this website.

Sometimes, the contest is task-based, like putting up a forum post, a diary post, publishing a photo, etc. For those contests, you will be given a timeline, and anyone who has put up a post/performed the task within said timeline will participate in the Wheel of Fortune, where one will be selected to win a prize.

When your post/task is done, you send a message in the open chat room saying: "Done" and I will add you to the wheel.

Golden Contests:
(no name decided yet): High prizes. The info and first contest comes on 11 July 2024.

We only pay out via GCash. You do not have to own your own GCash, but you must know someone who has for me to send out the prize.

Forum entries must be at least 100 words long, posted in a relevant category, and not be a copy of someone else found online (I will search and check). It must also not be a post of low effort.

Diary entries must have a headline that describes or partly describes what the diary entry is about. It must have at least 100 words and not be a low-effort entry. A diary is about your life, dreams, hopes, struggles, and hardships. It lets us get to know you much more personally than anything else. It must be a post of the day telling us what happened this day or this week.

Only people with a real photo of themself, showing their face uncovered, can participate.

New contestants will be verified to ensure it is a real account before the prize is paid out.

If the rules are not followed, you will lose your prize.

Each contestant has one chance to answer. If you answer multiple times in one contest and I spot it, you are out.

Aksel's ruling in any conflict ends the conflict. I, as the owner, have the final say. 

You must respond with your GCash details within 48 hours of receiving your winner's message from me with instructions. If not, the prize is gone.

Once we reach 20.000 members (logged in within the last 12 months), the prizes increase for our interactive and spot contests😘

All the contest winners can be found in our forum.

Good luck.
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