Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Pay it forward; what do we mean by that?

Why do I have this as my life mantra and website slogan?

It is pretty simple. Life is hard for most people. Life is good for so few.

No matter who you are, where you are in the world, or your life, you have a choice. You can choose to be a good person. You can try making the world a little better while you are here.

You alone cannot change the world, but you can make it a little bit better for a few people throughout your life.

When you have an opportunity to do so, help a person who needs it at a time you can easily do.

Tell them to pay it forward by letting that person help when they can. Not you, but someone they meet on their journey in life. Tell him to give the same message: Pay it forward.

If you get one random act of kindness from a stranger who wants nothing in return, give it to the next person you meet who needs some help at a time you can help out.

Ask that person to pay it forward later in life instead of paying you back. Keep the chain going forward.

I have never believed in handouts, so do not give that. I believe in helping people to help themselves.

If you give money, they are usually back to point blank very soon. If the situation you help is due to financial issues, help them by making it possible to get into a better place in life, not with money, but with what is needed to manage on their own.

Also, everyone cannot be helped. Some people do not understand when a good thing happens to them, yet others have no interest in an honest day's work.

We help in various ways. Sometimes, with success, and sometimes, the help did no good.
At least we try. You should, too.
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