170-175 cm
65-70 kg
United States
Not in the Philippines
Eden Mills, Vermont
Have no kids
Serious relationship
If I don't respond to a chat I may be off working. (I use a computer, not a phone to access the inet). I cannot bring an asawa/fiance with a child to America, I'm simply not wealthy enough. I'm sorry if this is upsetting. In six years, when I retire in the Phils then a single mom would be ok, but for now, please, if you write to me, please never have had a child. Who am I? I’m older, (60+). I work full time in America, I fix things and do maintenance. I’m not rich. I can build a house for us, but not one for us and another for mama and papa, but I do understand, especially if you are Ate, that the family needs support. The trouble is some families believe that all Americans have tons of pesos, and that is, sadly, not true. I was married to a Filipina from Cebu and that ended last year, tragically. I miss being married. I cannot move to the Phils because of work. It’s one thing to bring an Asawa to American but, at least for me, if she has kids, it becomes impossible. So, I need a woman that has no children (and has never had any). She must have never been married. I would love to have one or two kids; my former wife could not have them. I don’t have any kids. She needs to be age 34 or younger. Ideal would be age 27-34. What I like: A simple woman, one from the provinces, with at least a good high school graduation. Tall is good, thin, slender or skinny, is good, a good loving family is excellent. A papa that is a good farmer or tradesman is nice. I want an asawa who communicates well, even if her English is not great (yet…I can teach you). Feel free to write me at What I don’t like: Tattoos, make-up, dyed hair, long fingernails and social media. I love dark eyes, and long black hair, and the loving personality of a woman who had a wonderful functional family. I don’t drink, smoke; I’m kind and respectful and just fine with no sex before marriage. I want to marry in the Philippines. I do intend to retire to the Phils in 5-8 years, probably Cebu; Negros; Bohol or South. I have strong ethics, have never cheated, and would never cheat.
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