Relationship services
Relationship services:
Have you found a girl you like here on our website? One that you have intentions of marrying? Are you unsure if she is as serious as you? Are you worried about being scammed out of money? Are you overwhelmed by the daunting task that comes along - all the requirements and the paperwork?

We are here to help you out. We are more like an online community, but how our website is configured, finding love here should be easier and much safer than on a regular dating website.

The reality of dating websites is that most foreigners get tricked by girls into sending money. Often for a "sick mom" or similar sad stories, like they are behind on rent and will soon live on the street if they have no money to pay, and so on and so on.

If you, as a foreigner, find a girl via us, we can help verify that the girl is authentic, single, and not flirting with many other men when you thought she was serious about you.

We can help with your trip to the Philippines, and if you are interested, we can help you with needed documentation and papers required for the marriage.

In other words, we offer personal service to ensure you do not get scammed and that the girl is serious and not just after money.

We can help you from you meet her and all the steps until the big wedding day.

Our number one tip is; never to send money until you have talked with us first. We can help you ensure the girl asks for money for a real purpose, and we can help you understand how much you should send for her living costs until you can come for her.

Send us a message via the "Contact us" link from the main menu; include detailed information about your request for us, and we will answer you as fast as we can, usually within 24 hours.
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