How I beat tampo behavior in style

How I beat tampo behavior in style

How I beat Tampo behavior in style

This video showcases how to deal with tampo, a particular Pinay tradition we can live without.

I love the Philippine girls; they are mostly awesome, but this is a side I dislike.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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MichB94 replied the topic:
30 Jun 2024 04:43
MichB94's Avatar
Tampo is not really healthy if you are getting upset because of a nonsense reason. 😂 And sir Aksel is right. Most of the Philipine girl is like that. Because im like that before. Ive been thru that stage also.
Most of the Philipine girl wanted "suyo or lambing" on the tampo period. Jessa is upset because Aksel is handling the situation differently. Aksel choose peace of mind and spend ME time. And that is okay nothing wrong with that
I saw some comments that jessa why your husband is like that did he really loves you, and jessa is always right because happy wife happy life 😂
You can be a happy wife and have a happy life but learn how to be matured and handle your tampo. If your the one who is at fault learn also how to say sorry or humble yourself.
Princess2323 replied the topic:
24 Jul 2024 04:47
Princess2323's Avatar
Im pabebe too, 🤭🤭 but only in my husband. I want make him annoyed ,its kinda cute  but sometimes im scared too you know when the argument is getting serious 😅


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