We review Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union

We review Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union
We review Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang La Union

Today we review Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang, La Union on Luzon island.

To find this place, type "Gapuz Grapes Farm, Bauang, La Union, Luzon" into Google Maps.

This place is free to enter.

You get to pick your grapes, and they sell grape juice and wine on the farm. More surprisingly, they sell blueberry wine, guava wine, dried fish, spread for bread, and more.

As I explained above, this place is free to enter, but the prices inside are a bit on the crazy side. For example, if you do self-picking in any country I know, it will be cheaper than buying in the store, and rightly so, since you pick them yourself. Here we paid 350 PHP per kg, while a quick Google search revealed the median price in Manila for grapes at this time this year is between 63 PHP and 149 PHP per kg for locally grown grapes.
They sell grape juice for 200 PHP and grape wine for 300 PHP. The correct price for those products would be 60 PHP for the juice and 120 PHP for the wine. I did brag about the grape wine tasting decent in the video, but that was after one zip with cold wine. At the hotel, I could not even finish one glass. Also, it is not really wine. I am not sure how they produce it, but my bet is that it is a rapid method from start to finish.

Everything else sold there is also very overpriced.

People are a bit pushy and work hard to "help" you so they can receive a tip.

It seemed to be many smaller grape farms around, and some people tried to guide us to other farms than the one we were headed to. We did not budge, as this is the big one mentioned all over Google. 

To me, it would have been a lovely experience if it felt a bit less like a tourist trap. I still enjoyed it and recommended it to those who have never seen a grape farm and are already in the area. Just buy half a kg of grapes, a wine or two, and leave it with that. Then you already paid them 700+ PHP for a value of maybe 300 PHP.

I had wine here in the Philippines that cost me 175 PHP a bottle, perfectly drinkable. This "wine" is 300 PHP, and I dare you to drink more than one glass😅

Enjoy the video.
We review Gapuz Grapes Farm in Bauang La Union. Video

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Aksel Dahl
22 July 2023
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