We review Gran Travellers Inn, Nabua, Luzon

We review Gran Travellers Inn, Nabua, Luzon
We review Gran Travellers InnNabua Luzon

Today we review Gran Travellers Inn located in Nabua on Luzon.

To find this place, type "Gran Travellers Inn, Nabua, Luzon" into Google Maps.

We paid 1200 PHP for 12 hours. It was about 2000 PHP for 24 hours. This place is not worth that amount of money.

The room was not very clean.

There is no safe, water boiler or fridge in the room.
I had internet on my phone. I never checked their internet as we were sleeping and moving on.

The TV is an old box TV.

It is a very old and noisy aircon, but it works.

For the bed, the comfort of the mattress is slightly better than to sleep on the floor.

The shower has no hot water but decent water pressure.

The staff seems friendly and provides service as expected in a motel.

As we only slept here and went on, I have no information about the room service, but I am sure it is per request.

No breakfast included.
In the video, I state that I believe the pool stores water for the farm as that place does not need a swimming pool. I was wrong. I saw a Facebook post from them made in 2014, and they charged 20-30 PHP per head for using their pool.

There are no amenities around. It is simply a roadside place to sleep when you are tired and then continue your journey.

Enjoy the video.

The dice rolls a:

Aksel Dahl

2 August 2023
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