We review JohnLhea Beach & Leisure Resort in Siquijor

We review JohnLhea Beach & Leisure Resort in Siquijor
We review JohnLhea Beach Leisure Resort in Siquijor

Today we review JohnLhea Beach & Leisure Resort in Siquijor.

Type "JohnLhea Beach & Leisure Resort Siquijor" into Google Maps to find this place.

We paid 600 PHP for a simple fan room. She stated that the cottages cost 1500 PHP. I found the cottages on Agoda for around 1800 PHP when writing this review.

While they do have sorting of their garbage in Siquijor, they are not good at keeping the land clean for the guests. Things put down will not be picked up, even after several days. I threw away a couple of shopping bags worth of garbage around the two areas I liked to sit while we were there.

Our simple room does not have a water boiler, a safe, or a fridge. I am unsure about the cottages, but I expect them to have.

I was never able to use their internet. My mobile internet worked best at night time. In the daytime, it sometimes worked and sometimes did not.

No TV in the rooms. Not sure about the cottages.

The bed was simple, but the foam was not half bad.

Not enough water pressure to shower most of the time. You have to fill the bucket and use a tabo for showering.

The owner of the place was unfriendly most of the time. We felt like a burden to her and stayed away from her as much as we could because of it. She is why we did not stay longer at the place, as the location was relaxing, beautiful and cheap for the fan room.

Housekeeping on request only.

No place to cook unless you have your own equipment. Usually, places like this offer cooking opportunities and free water. We think they might be offering free water, but hard to tell as they never let us know. When we asked, they said we could use the gallon outside the kitchen, but we are unsure if that is really for sharing.
Their land is beautiful; you can swim from their beach or sit under the big purok and enjoy nature and the ocean.

It will help if you have a motorbike to go around, but that is something everyone visiting Siquijor should rent anyways.

Great place if you get the cheap fan rooms or a good deal on the cottages. I hope the owner like you better than she liked us😅

If the trash were picked up more often, and the owner would have been at least not directly unfriendly, the dice would have been higher. When we feel like a burden, which is why we decided not to extend, it will hurt our overall impression, no matter how beautiful their land is.

Enjoy the video.
We review JohnLhea Beach Leisure Resort in Siquijor. Video

The dice rolls a:
dice 3
Aksel Dahl
7 June 2023
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