We review Jelly Sea Resort in Maria, Siquijor

We review Jelly Sea Resort in Maria, Siquijor
We review Jelly Sea Resort in Maria Siquijor

Today we review Jelly Sea Resort in Maria, Siquijor.

Type "Jelly Sea Resort, Maria, Siquijor" into Google Maps to find this place.

The price to stay there now, and when we stayed there, is around 2800 PHP per night via Agoda.

The cleanliness of this place could be better, but nothing we cannot handle.

No fridge, safe, or water boiler in the rooms.
They only provide mobile internet if asked. I just used my internet there, and it worked pretty well most of the time with Smart.

No TV in the room.

The aircon did not work correctly. One of the workers came and fixed it so it worked in one particular setting and told us not to change it.

The bed is not half bad. Not the best, but decent enough.

There was no hot water in the shower when we were there/in our room. The water pressure was OK.

The staff is friendly enough.

Housekeeping on request only.

American-style or local Philippine breakfast is included in the price.
Free to use kayak and other beach equipment. They rent out snorkel masks and swimming vests. Parking and cafeteria are on-site. This property is a neighbor of Salagdoong Beach.

Nothing around the area. This place is located far from anything else.

If it had been kept in good shape and the rooms updated, the price would have been OK if you were looking for a relaxing long weekend on the balcony and hanging on the neighbor's beach.

Unfortunately, it is a property in full decay. The woods are rotten, and I stepped through the floor at one point. That had happened in several other places there, also. We rented here because we remembered how beautiful it looked the last time we visited Salagdoong Beach. Little did we know of the condition the property was in.

For that price, you are to expect more. I have slept in 600 PHP a night places with higher standards than this. What you pay for here is the location, but anything above 1200 PHP a night is too much in this condition.

Enjoy the video.
We review Jelly Sea Resort in Maria Siquijor. Video

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Aksel Dahl
7 June 2023
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